Identification with the web

Roland Keller roland.keller at IE-BSG.UNIL.CH
Tue Jun 20 03:43:06 CDT 2000

If you want to get a new approach for the identification of woody plants
with a web interface: try ARTEMIS

ARTEMIS is an alternative to the classical dichotomous identification keys,
relying to photographic illustrations for the explanation of concepts and
taxonomic characters

ARTEMIS focuses to families and groups of related genera of woody plants
(trees, shrubs, and lianas); tropical forests are of main concern, but trees
of temperate forests are also identifiable

ARTEMIS makes use of non reproductive characters, these being choosed upon
classical vegetative traits and also architectural traits of the plant body

ARTEMIS is continuously updated

ARTEMIS was concepted by Roland Keller (botanist) and BenoƮt Carpentier
(programmer) at Lausanne University (Switzerland)

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