Universal taxonomic database

Karen Sanamyan kes at NM.RU
Tue Jun 20 08:49:57 CDT 2000

Taxonomic database - ZooBase - available at http://taxon.newmail.ru

 ZooBase was created by professional taxonomist for professional
taxonomists and
designed for navigating through literature, taxonomic descriptions and
synonymy of nominal species. It provide information who and where has
described this species as valid, who and where has included this species in
the synonymy of other species and so on. ZooBase is an universal software,
i.e. user can easily update the database by information on the taxonomic
group he studies, so, it should be interesting for many taxonomists.

   There are many programs for systematics, some of them are simply
electronic keys for species identification (useful for students, but not
for specialists), others require drawing up a list of valid species. But
what to do, if one specialist says that some species is invalid, while
other continuously uses this name as valid?

   This problem does not exist in ZooBase. ZooBase is a collection of
headings of species description compiled from taxonomic papers, accompany
with the synonyms given in these papers. And the search system allow to
find necessary records and display them in proper format.

For additional information go to http://taxon.newmail.ru

Karen Sanamyan.

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