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Wed Jun 21 13:54:41 CDT 2000

Dear colleague,

1) despite numerous searches and consulted books, I have been unable to
locate with certainty which "Russian" region authors mean when they use the
specific name "dauricus, -ca, -cum"; for whom wanting to help me, it is
useless to list the various hypothetical solutions I'm confronted with!

2) in a tv documentary on the atoll of Aldabra and the Aldabra Tortoise
(Geochelone gigantea), it was said that the tortoise use to take shadow, in
the hottest hours of the day, under trees called Guettarda; according the
database of the Index Kewensis, there is really a lot of species of that
genus of Rubiaceae: does any botanist know if there is a species specific to
the atoll, or at least one most common there?

Many thanks in advance (and personal thanks only next Wednesday)


Paul Dessart,
Chef honoraire de la Section Insectes & Arachnomorphs,
Institut royal des Sciences naturelles de Belgique,
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