Who's Who in Biodiversity in Brazil

Dora Ann Lange Canhos dora at BDT.ORG.BR
Mon Jun 26 11:46:19 CDT 2000

BDT, the Tropical Database, a department of the André Tosello
Foundation, is renewing its database "Who's Who in Biodiversity in
Brazil", that has been online since 1992. The aim of this database is to
identify what is being done, who is doing what and where in Brazil. We
hope to contribute to a greater exchange between scientists and between
other sectors of our society.

This database is part of the Biodiversity Information Network - Brazil
(BINbr) project, that is being carried out together  with the Brazilian
Ministry of the Environment.

We ask all of you who carry out research projects concerning
biodiversity in Brazil to please fill out the form available at
http://www.binbr.org.br/quem. If the information is in Portuguese please
click on the word "English" to receive the English version.

Thank you very much for your collaboration.


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