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Una Smith una.smith at YALE.EDU
Tue Jun 27 08:17:50 CDT 2000

Thomas G. Lammers wrote:

>>Can anyone suggest recent papers that address in any detail the idea that
>>clades that emerge in phylogenetic analyses of molecular data require
>>morphological or other non-molecular synapomorphies before it is practical
>>to recognize them formally?  I am particularly interested in commentary or
>>theoretical papers on this topic, rather than primary research papers in
>>which the topic had to be dealt with, though anything would be helpful.

B. J. Tindall wrote:

>       [...] There are quite a few hidden problems in the question, which
>include whether molecular trees are reconstructed/estimated by similarity
>matrix, parsimony, or maximum likelihood methods [...]

I think Tom Lammers' question concerns the application of new phylogenies
based on molecular data, all else aside.  He is asking about new theory
concerning best practices when making a new phylogeny operational (i.e.,
when using it in a system of classification).

Judd et al. 1999 (Plant Systematics) mention this on p.42, including some
references to recent commentaries on this topic.

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