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Stinger Stinger at FIU.EDU
Fri Jun 30 21:54:12 CDT 2000


I have been playing with the hyperbolic viewer a bit too, ever since I saw it in use many months ago on Treebase.  It seems to me that it is a
very useful way to view cladograms overlayed onto a map because you can, in effect, zoom to a given area and expand the tree there.  However,
I haven't been able to make that work so, at this point, it is just an idea that I would like for someone to pursue.  For me, it is an awkward
way to view a phylogenetic tree by itself and simple tiered zooming methods (like on the tree of life) are much better because characters and
branch attributes are easily presented.  It is really nice to see improvements over the dotted line technology often employed on the web
though. Good luck with it.


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Richard Moe wrote:

> Hi taxacom:
> At the University and Jepson herbaria we are experimenting with using hyperbolic maps to display phylogenetic trees and taxonomic indexes.
> The maps work in a web browser using Java applets.
> Relatively recent versions of Netscape or Internet Explorer are required. Some people think
> that Dramamine is also required.
> Take a look and let me know if you think this method shows promise.
> http://ucjeps.herb.berkeley.edu/Jepson_hypertree.html
> Dick Moe

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