Paul Dessart dessart at KBINIRSNB.BE
Wed Mar 1 11:58:02 CST 2000

Dear Colleagues,

        Who could give me an address to contact my hymenopterist colleague
Henk Vlug, who wrote to me without giving his address? He was formerly
working at "Inst. Plantenziektenk. Onderzoek, Binnen Haven, NL-6700 GW
Wageningen, Nederland."

Many thanks in advance.


Paul Dessart,
Chef honoraire de la Section Insectes & Arachnomorphs,
Institut royal des Sciences naturelles de Belgique,
rue Vautier, 29
B-1000 Bruxelles  Belgique/Belgium

Fax: +32+(0)2/627.41.32
Mail: dessart at

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