millipede biogeography and "Pacifica"

John Grehan jrg13 at PSU.EDU
Mon Mar 6 14:14:18 CST 2000

>James Churchward (1932) beats them all.... though not the mainstream
>kind of publication one normally cites: "Lost continent of Mu". In
>fact, it wouldn't surprise me that some of those authors you cite
>probably DID read it, but decided not to cite it. Still, it's an
>entertaining read. A Velikovsky kinda guy.

Not quite. I agree that there were numerous "land-bridge" theories
circulating in pre-continental
drift times that covered just about all oceans. They were generated to
account for
any number of biological or geographic characteristics, but they differet from
the "Pacifica" model of Croizat in that they were not explicitly drift models
(I am referring here to the Pacific) and they did not predict a resulting
geology for the Americas. Thus, it is my current understanding that there were
no historical models of sufficient similarity to suggest that they
represented background
knowledge for Croizat's model.

John Grehan

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