Forskal or Forrskal ?

Neal Evenhuis neale at BISHOPMUSEUM.ORG
Mon Mar 6 12:11:32 CST 2000

At 10:39 PM +0100 3/6/00, Patrik Mráz wrote:
>Dear colleagues,
>knows anybody which is the correct name of the botanist Forskal ?
>It should be with one or double r ?
>I met with too versions of his name in important botanical sources (Brummit,
>FE, AFE and others).

TL-2 (Vol. 1: 856) has it as "Forsskal" with an "a ring". His father 
wrote it as "Forsskahl" and he himself wrote it, in addition, as 
"Forskal", "Forsskaal", and "Forsskal". TL-2 adopted the standard of 
"Forsskal" which is what I think is now the preferred spelling (for 
standardization purposes).

See also the following for more information on the orthography of the name:

Lagus, (1870), Ofvers. Finsk. Vet-Soc. Forh. 12: 125-26.
Matinolli, E. (1960) Luova ihminen 1700 luvun Pohol'asta. Turku.

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