Forskal or Forrskal ?

Pekka T. Lehtinen pekleh at UTU.FI
Tue Mar 7 10:50:29 CST 2000

At 22:39 6.3.2000 +0100, Patrik Mráz wrote:
>Dear colleagues,
>knows anybody which is the correct name of the botanist Forskal ?
>It should be with one or double r ?
>I met with too versions of his name in important botanical sources (Brummit,
>FE, AFE and others).
>Thanks for yours help
>Patrik MRAZ
        The correct name of this Swedish taxonomist (not only botanist !) was
Petter Forskål (note the special Swedish letter å instead of a).

        Pekka T. Lehtinen (spiderman)
        pekleh at

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