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Well, HEMI is half, and acc. to Henderson's Dictionary of Biological Terms,
a THEROPHYTE (theros = summer; phyton = plant) is a plant which completes
its life cycle within a single season, being dormant as a seed during
unfavorable  period, i.e., an annual.  alt. thermophyte.
So, if I can guess, it is a plant that completes a life cycle in a six month
period, thus has two life cycles in one year.
>From the Animalia, the term is BIVOLTINE, meaning to have 2 broods per year
may be related.
Robin Leech

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>         Can anyone out there please help me with the
>         definition of  hemitherophyte?
>         And if possible the authority for the definition and if
>         possible an example of such a plant?
>         Thanks in advance for any help,   John Steel

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