Ethics of selling

Barry M. OConnor bmoc at UMICH.EDU
Thu Mar 9 09:48:16 CST 2000

At 9:39 PM -0600 3/8/00, JEAN MICHEL MAES wrote:
>Sorry, just a question...
>>...the suckers paying me will each get a
>>nice, shiny blue holotype to mount on their wall ...
>Did the price include the Holotype ?
>I think the Holotype must be deposit in a Museum.

There's no requirement in the ICZN for the holotype to be deposited in a
museum.  In fact, the code only recommends that types be treated well
(Recommendation 72F).  There is a long, unhappy, tradition of individuals
depositing types in their personal collections and not letting others study
them, but it's not forbidden by the code.

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