ADMIN: "Unfriendly" discussion?

Peter Rauch anamaria at GRINNELL.BERKELEY.EDU
Thu Mar 9 10:42:30 CST 2000

On Thu, 9 Mar 2000, Elizabeth Kiser wrote:
[was] Re: [TAXACOM] more english
> I apologize to everyone for starting such an unfriendly discussion on what
> is normally a very friendly and helpful listserv.
> Beth Kiser

Beth, No need to apologize for starting a discussion on a
legitimate Taxacom topic! Who is to know that it (i.e., some
discussants) may become "unfriendly"?

Sometimes topics are "so interesting" as to become somewhat
contentious or even unfriendly. Sometimes they aren't and don't.

A _little_ contentiousness, ardor, and even a speck of
unfriendliness is tolerable. A lot would be another story.

This administrative message needs no reply. Thank you.

Peter Rauch
Taxacom co-admin.

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