Carex tomentosa L.(C.filiformis).

Colin Smith Smithco at EDGEHILL.AC.UK
Wed Mar 15 10:21:12 CST 2000

A repeat of my 1998 appeal. I would be grateful for plant material of the above species from European/Asian sources.  Tillers or nutlets with details of the local ecology would be best.  Live plant material, tillers, fragments of rhizome, travel well when wrapped in damp tissue and placed in a polythene bag.  I am trying for a representative sample of populations in Europe.  I know it is early in the season to be collecting but if, later in the year, you find yourself next to a stand of the sedge then think of me and if there are no local impediments to its collection, pluck a little and send it.  Of course I will bear any cost involved.  I'm really short of continental plants and a wider representative sample would be most helpful

Colin Smith 

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