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Apologies for this delayed anecdote:  My father-in-law in Australia was rushed to
the emergency room for this very reason about a year ago in a great deal of pain.
He was cutting down a "weedy" euphorb tree in the backyard.  The sap accidentally
got in his eyes as he mopped his sweaty brow.  It was several days before his eyes
felt normal.  Thanks John; your cautions are not overstated.

John Nelson wrote:

> WED 16 Mar 225pm
> Friends:
>         Students of the genus Euphorbia (and others) may want to read an
> article that shows up in a recent medical journal:
>      Eke, T. S. Al-Husainy, and M. K. Raynor. 2000. The spectrum        of
> ocular inflammation caused by Euphorbia sap. Archives   of Opthalmology
> 118:13-16.
>         Yikes. As if the sap weren't bad enough on your skin. The lesson to be
> learned is that anybody messing with these plants should wear protective
> eye-wear--- but I think that won't help, if you take your goggles off
> and THEN rub your eyes with your sappy hands. So don't be a sap. Wash
> your hands very well before taking off the goggles. (Same advice applies
> to activities involving Capsicum.)
>         later JOHN
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