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Piotr Naskrecki pin93001 at UCONNVM.UCONN.EDU
Thu Mar 23 12:06:37 CST 2000

on 3/23/00 4:57 AM, Jerry Bricker at jbricker at MAIL.LCC.WHECN.EDU wrote:

> If you are using a Macintosh (68k or PPC) you have two options: Quid Pro Quo
> 2.1 (it's free and available at http://www.socialeng.com/) or Webstar (a
> $500 package).  We run Webstar on our science department web server and it
> has performed flawlessly for about 4 years.  Quid Pro Quo will work as well
> as Webstar and I've used it when setting up website projects for clients
> that want to see what their pages will look like before committing to a
> contract with an ISP.

One thing should be clarified: did Diana ask about web SERVING or web DESIGN
software? I strongly suspect that the latter. If so, choices are plentiful,
regardless of the platform. I use Claris Homepage for Mac, and occasionally
Dreamweaver for Mac (there is also a PC version). Adobe GoLive is quite
good, too. There may be some freeware HTML design programs but I know little
of them.
By the way, when it comes to serving on the Mac, NetPresenz is a fast HTML
and FTP shareware server (practically freeware, only $10), which has worked
nicely for me.

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