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The BioLink team is putting together a viewer, code named the BioReader at
this stage, which essentially runs a web site from a CD-ROM, but uses more
of a traditional book-like paradigm.  It consists of two panels, the left
panel containing tabs with a table of contents, taxonomic checklist and a
keyword search facility and the right panel containing descriptive text for
the items in the left panel.  The system is driven using XML to define the
contents of the left panel tabs and HTML for viewing the results.  While
the Reader runs outside of the BioLink software (as it's based on XML and
HTML and BioLink uses a RDMS) BioLink will produce the required output to
create the CD as a report.  We anticipate releasing this component near the
end of this year.

The Reader is intended to publish monographic-style taxonomic information
(the Species Home Pages we've heard so much about) but is general enough to
handle just about any text-based information.

For information about BioLink, see
http://www.ento.csiro.au/biolink/index.html.  We'll also put together an
overview of the Reader in the next couple of weeks and add it to the site
as well.

Thanks, Steve

Steve Shattuck
CSIRO Entomology
steves at ento.csiro.au

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I too would like to see more on this thread, but with a twist.  I'm
wondering if
anyone has experience with software that could create a webpage-like
on a CD disk.  I'm contemplating a faunal review of Belize butterflies, and
would like to publish it on CD.  I'd like essentially have it work like a
complex web site, but without the wait.  For example, click on a species
and get a digital image to pull up  -- or from the text, search the
database for
records based on user defined criteria.

Any ideas???

John Shuey
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Indiana Office of The Nature Conservancy

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