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> I too would like to see more on this thread, but with a twist.  I'm wondering
> if anyone has experience with software that could create a webpage-like
> environment on a CD disk.  I'm contemplating a faunal review of Belize
>butterflies, and
> would like to publish it on CD.  I'd like essentially have it work like a
> complex web site, but without the wait.  For example, click on a species name
> and get a digital image to pull up  -- or from the text, search the database
> for
> records based on user defined criteria.

Doing HTML-based CD's is possible and easy. The beauty of it is that it is
cross-platform, doesn't require any proprietary software, and gives you a
lot of freedom in the graphical design. I have prepared such an HTML-based
CD ROM which accompanies my monograph of Costa Rican katydids (for those who
are interested, here is the URL: The thing that should be kept
in mind is that absolutely all internal links should be thoroughly tested
(nothing more embarrassing than having a dead link on your CD), and the
entire "site" should be contained in one folder/directory (which can have
multiple subfolders). It is also important to use the DOS eight+three naming
convention for all files and directories to ensure full compatibility with
older PC systems.

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