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jshuey at tnc.org wrote on 03/23/2000 05:39:29 PM:

>>I too would like to see more on this thread, but with a twist.  I'm wondering
if anyone has experience with software that could create a webpage-like
environment on a CD disk.  I'm contemplating a faunal review of Belize
butterflies, and
would like to publish it on CD.  I'd like essentially have it work like a
complex web site, but without the wait.  For example, click on a species name
and get a digital image to pull up  -- or from the text, search the database for
records based on user defined criteria.

Any ideas???
John Shuey<<

Your description sounds pretty much like the CDs generated  by the Expert Center
for Taxonomic Identification (ETI) in Amsterdam. You can contact them via their
web site at:


Stefan Koenemann
Old Dominion University
Dept. of Biological Sciences
Norfolk, VA 235299-0266
Tel: (757) 683-3606
Fax: (757) 683-5283
email: biolgrad at odu.edu

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