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Fri Mar 24 13:33:57 CST 2000

Dear colleagues,

The International Organization of Plant Biosystematists has organised its
triannual symposium in Amsterdam in 1998 with the main theme "Plant
Evolution in Man-made Habitats". The proceedings are being published at the
end of 1999. The volume contains 19 publications which are all peer reviewed
in order to reach a sufficient quality. Due to logisitic reasons the volume
came available at the end of last month, which means that it is now
available for purchase. The book presents the state-of-the-art in
evolutionary biology, especially domestication. We hope that you will inform
your colleagues and forward this message to your librarian.

The volume is published as:

"Plant Evolution in Man-made Habitats"
Proceedings VIIth International IOPB Symposium, Amsterdam, 10-15 August 1998
Leo W.D. van Raamsdonk & Hans C.M. den Nijs (Eds)
Hugo de Vries Laboratory, Amsterdam, 382 pp.
ISBN 90-804431-6-6


K. Bachmann - Introduction

Section 1   Evolution in disturbed habitats
W.H.O. Ernst - Evolution of plants on soils anthropogenically contaminated
by heavy metals
K.M. Urbanska & E. Landolt - Patterns and processes of man-influenced
hybridisation in Cardamine L.
B. Neuffer & M. Linde - Capsella bursa-pastoris - colonisation and
adaptation; a globe-trotter conquers 
the world
D.M.L. Purps & J.W. Kadereit - The evolution of invasive species in Senecio
S. Kawano, S. Todokoro, R. Terauchi & Y. Ishiguri - Naturalised population
of Arabidopsis thaliana in Japan: microsatellite polymorphisms and
differentiations in life history traits

Section 2   Crop evolution
J.D. Hill & J. F. Doebly - Key genetic factors influencing morphological
change during the domestication of maize
J.F. Wendel, R.L. Small, R.C. Cronn, & C.L. Brubaker - Genes, jeans, and
genomes: reconstructing the history of cotton
P. Gepts, R. Papa, A. González, J. Acosta & A. Delgado Salinas - Human
effects on Phaseolus vulgaris adaptation during and after domestication
R. Schmidt, A. Acarkan, M. Koch & M. Roßberg - A strategy for comparative
physical mapping in cruciferous plants
A. Börner - Comparative genetic mapping in Triticeae

Section 3   Crop - wild relative genetic interactions
L.W.D. van Raamsdonk - A new measure for analysing hybrid speciation
S.I. Warwick & E. Small  - Invasive plant species: evolutionary risk from
transgenic crops
H. van Dijk & B. Desplanques - European Beta: crops and their wild and weedy
P. Rufener Al Mazyad & K. Ammann - The Medicago falcata/sativa complex,
crop-wild relative introgression in Switzerland
H. Darmency - Hybridisation and introgression between Brassica napus and
Hirschfeldia incana: impact of transgenic crops

Section 4   Apomixis
M.D. Hayward - The genetics of apomixis 
T.A. Dickinson - Species concepts in agamic complexes 
C.S. Campbell - The evolutionary role of hybridisation in angiosperm agamic
complexes, with special emphasis on Amelanchier (Rosaceae)
R.J. Bayer - New perspectives into the evolution of polyploid complexes

An author index and taxon index are included.

This volume can be ordered at a price of NLG 100.= (equalling Euro 46.=;
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Order by transfering NLG 100,= to Postbank account 4950310, Rep. Vakgroep
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