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Fabio Moretzsohn fmoretzsohn at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Mar 24 11:53:20 CST 2000

I am enjoying this tread on HTML on CD-ROM, and the tips provided by several
people. I can see the advantage of having a CD-ROM with a whole database or
monograph for faster access. As Steve pointed out, static webpages on a CD
become outdate fast, if the data changes fast. One solution to this could be
a system in which the CD-ROM would be self-contained, but would also have an
option to point to the website for updated data.

An application would be developing and remote areas, where internet access
exists but is very slow, thus limiting the access to complex webpages and
databases. It would be very helpful for the developing countries where we
collect specimens to have CD-ROMs made mostly with photographs, and have a
database with Species Pages that would point to photos on the CD-ROM (sort
of a CD-ROM cache). Since the images do not change as fast as other data
(mostly text) associated with them, this would improve performance
especially on slow Internet connection.

On a related topic: I am interested in hearing from users of biological
database software (e.g. Biota, Specify, Platypus, etc). Which do you prefer
and why? Which would be more useful in generating the famous Species Pages
for the web from the database? You can reply directly to me.

Thank you,  Fabio

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