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From: Jacques Dubois <jacques.dubois at EXCITE.COM>
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 09:38:24 -0800
Subject: Pimplinae

>         Dear Taxacomers
>     I work on the molecular phylogeny of Pimplinae (Hymenoptera,
> Ichneumonidae) whithin the framework of my DEA (the french equivalent of the
> Master of Science). I hope to perform a molecular and morphological combined
> analysis to study evolutionnary patterns of parasitism modalities.
>     To perform this analysis, I require some specimens :
>                 Alcohol preserved specimen :
> Ephialtes
> Dolichomitus
> Scambus
> Theronia (I have 2 alcohol preserved specimens of T. atalantae)
> Polysphincta (I have 1 Polysphincta boops)
> Poemenia notata (I have 1 specimen)
> Zatypota albicoxa (I have 1 specimen)
>          bohemani (I have 1 specimen)
> Zaglyptus varipes (I have 1 specimen)
> Pimpla flavicoxis
> Pimpla aquilonia
> Rhyssinae
> Diacritinae
>                 Dried specimens :
> Diacritinae
> I'm looking for these specimens, but I would be interested in other species
> of Pimplinae.
> Thank you in advance
> Jacques
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> Jacques DUBOIS
> UPRES-A 8043 - CNRS
> Laboratoire d'Entomologie
> Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle
> 45, rue BUFFON
> F- 75005 Paris, France
> E-mail : jdubois at mnhn.fr
>          jacques.dubois at excite.com
> Tel : poste 41.18
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              Dear Jacques,
 I got your letter with your problem. I am  exploring Ichneumonidae fauna of
 Russia, and also I am interested in the questions of systematic and  evolution.
 Now I compile a list of species of Gelinae (Cryptinae) of Sebezh  National Park (Pskov region, north-west of Russia). I imported from Park alcohol preserved  material (for the most part males). I need it for my work in morphology of genitalia. I shall start my work on this problem in autumn 2000.
 I have got some unidentified specimens of Pimplinae. I would be hepy to help you in your investigations. Soon I will send parcel with insects to my friend.
He reside in Fantane Le Conte (south-west of Franch).He is taxodermist, his name is Alain Barbon. I have any problems with a dispetch of parcel with insects to foreing countries, and so I will send one parcel to Alain. If you need my help I will forward indentified specimens to Alain. You can to conect with each other.
  If you are interested, write to me.
 All the best!
Alexey Reshikov
Entomology department
Saint-Peterburg State Universitet
E-mail: reshikov at mail.ru
tel: (812)524-12-50
poste: Russia, Saint-Petergurg, pr.Nastavnikov 6/290

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