Tropical Natural History and Field Ecology Journals

Edward J. Cushing cushing at TC.UMN.EDU
Tue May 2 14:49:23 CDT 2000

"Journal of Tropical Ecology" publishes papers from all tropical regions.
It is published by Cambridge University Press for INTECOL (International
Association for Ecology). See

Ed Cushing

>>At 11:11 AM 4/29/00 -0300, you wrote:
>>Dear All, I am looking for a journal to publish some results from the field
>>(neotropical region).
>>The most common journals seem to be "Studies of Neotropical Fauna and
>>Environment" and "Biotropica". Are there other journals acting in this
>>field as well?

>I believe there is also a journal called "Tropical Ecology" although I
>don't have copies accessible here.

>Thomas G. Lammers, Ph.D.

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