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Mary Barkworth Mary at BIOLOGY.USU.EDU
Thu May 4 08:44:23 CDT 2000

It was recently drawn to my attention that I have failed to list
publications for which the resources of the Intermountain Herbarium were
used.  I was planning to rectify my failure this fall, but it has become a
matter of greater urgency as the VP Research needs to be convinced to come
up with more money for the Collections Manager position SO:

Please, if you have published a paper, report, or Web page for which you
used the resources of UTC, would you send me (mary at biology.usu.edu) the
citation? The kind of Web page that I have in mind is Cindy Salo's map of
the introduction of Bromus rubens.

I would also be happy to insert links to the home pages of the authors of
any paper, if I am given the appropriate information.  I am acting in the
belief that no one will object to such links.  I see it as a minor form of
additional advertising and hence, positive.

I have begun construction of the page
(http://herbarium.usu.edu/Reports/publications.htm). It is very plain but
will, I hope, help our cause.  Thank you for any assistance that you can

Intermountain Herbarium, Utah State University, 5305 Old Main Hill, Logan,
Utah 84322-5305, U.S.A.
mary at biology.usu.edu; 435-797-1584 (voice); 435-797-1575 (FAX)

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