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Dear All: I am highly concern for the crisis that is affecting the Natural
History Museum (Montevideo)
Thanks in advance for sending a support letter to the address

Elizabeth T. Arias
Elateridae Systematics

[Fwd: RV: National Museum of Natural History
(MONTEVIDEO) confront a crisis]

Dear colleagues,

As I am deeply concerned by the described situation, I would with to
share with you this message, thanks for your understanding and support
   From:  Fabrizio Scarabino <fscara at>
     To: Victor_Scarabino  <v.scarabino at>,
        Victor_Canton <vicatana at>
 Subject: RV: National Museum of Natural History
        (MONTEVIDEO) confront a crisis
   Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 15:35:24 -0300

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> De:   Fabrizio Scarabino
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> Asunto:National Museum of Natural History (MONTEVIDEO) confront a crisis
> Dear all,
> As it  happened to other museums of the world, the National Museum of
> Natural History of Montevideo today confronts a crisis that threatens
with its didsappearance.
> For more than 5 years the Ministry of Education and Culture has known
that the Museum must evict the building it hadbeen using during the last
> 100 years, and it has not foreseen fit out a new site for the Museum.
Now it
> argues the lack of funds to send "temporarily" the material that the
> Museum stores to a serie of unsuitable locals.
> All the collections and the exposition of Anthropology have been sent
to another two museums, the part of the exposition of fauna was baled in
a precarious way and is being deteriorating in a deposit with humidity
and leaks, the library will be carried to another deposit and the
> of the scientific collections is uncertain, although it is likely that
they ill be stockpiled with what once was the exposition of fauna.
> Up to now there has not been concrete proposals of the Ministry for
> constructing, buying or conditioning in a close future a new site for
> the Museum so that it can operate correctly, achiving the educational
and research tasks this type of institutions should fulfill in the
present time.
> We run the risk that this wrong "temporal"solution becomes the
definitive one because of the lack of understanding by the Ministry of the
> that the museums of Natural History play at the present time
> with the potentialities they have to face the current environmental
> crisis),
> and that at this time of crisis the Museum ends up by disappearing
> in parts that fade in old deposits in ruin.
> After patient and vain intents of reasoning and negotiating with the
> responsible authorities, we have arrived to a point of no return that
> requires taking desperate measurements. In fact the problems have
become dramatically worse last week .
> In order to accompany our efforts we are requesting you to send fax
> to Mr. Minister of Education and Culture from Uruguay, Antonio
> Mercader, expressing that you have been informed that the Uruguayan
> is beeing desarticulated, that this is a shame, that the scientific
and educational values of an institution like this are incalculable and
that it deserves efforts by the Uruguayan government for its conservation.
> FAX: (5982) is Uruguay+Montevideo + 9161048.
> Fax numbers of some Uruguayan Embassies are:
> Berlin (004930) 2292839
> Bogota D. E. (571) 2483734
> Brasilia (5561) 3226534
> Bruxelles (322) 6482909
> Buenos Aires (005411) 48073050
> Canberra (6126) 2739099
> Chicago (312) 6423470
> Stockholm (468) 6653166
> London (0044207) 5819585
> Los Angeles (310) 3945140
> Madrid (003491)
> Miami (1305) 4437802
> Moscow (7095) 9382045
> New York (1718/212/7531603)
> Paris (33) 0145012517
> Pretoria (9512) 3626523
> Roma (3906) 4823695
> Santiago (562) 2047772
> Washington D. C. (202) 331-8142
> Wellington (644) 476 2268
> Letters to the President of the Republica Oriental del Uruguay, Dr.
> L. Batlle, refering the situation of the Museum can be sent to the
> ennumerated fax numbers.
> We especially request that you also forward this letter to other
> lists, colleagues and institutions of your and foreign countries.
This is
> the best way to inform about the situation here in Uruguay, and to
get the
> support from the international scientific community for our efforts
> avoid
> the disappearance of the National Museum of Natural History of
> Thanks for your support.
> Fabrizio Scarabino &
> Alvaro Soutullo
Elizabeth T. Arias
Elateridae Systematics
   ...and ONLY THE BEETLES ...

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