Student Bloopers #3

Jenny Xiang xianjenn at ISU.EDU
Mon May 8 15:51:32 CDT 2000

How do you like this explanation on Symbiosis?

Question: Explain the symbiosis theory.
Answer: This is a theory that prokaryotes only existed in the beginning. Then they started to eat each other.  When this  happened,
they didn't digest their food all the way and it is thought that this was how organelles came about and eukaryotes were formed.

Robin Leech wrote:

> Observation: orange flame was given off; know oil was dripping off.
> An obnoxious person could make you noxious.
> Q: List two (2) differences between RNA and DNA.
> A: RNA is single stranded and pertains to non-living organisms, whereas DNA is double-stranded and pertains to living organisms.

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