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Mon May 8 21:11:51 CDT 2000

The following announcement is from a friend...
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Hello -

My name is Steve Lussier.  I'm a graduating Masters project at SIMS (UC
Berkeley's School of Information Management and Systems).

I hope you don't mind my drawing your attention to a work in progress.
Our project is something that I think many on Taxacom might find
interesting.  The project is located at:

My project partner Kathryn Kada and I have been building this prototype
resource. It's certainly unfinished, and we're in the process of
developing a richer thesaurus/classification scheme that is not yet

Our pitch is:

"This site is a resource for researchers, online resource developers,
and others who have a stake in environmental informatics. It's both an
introduction to the field and a place to share knowledge and tools.
We're defining environmental informatics as 'an emerging field centering
around the development of standards and protocols, both technical and
institutional, for sharing and integrating environmental and
biodiversity data and information.'"

We would be most interested in any comments you might have, via email or
the site's forums.  (We're especially interested in getting some
relevant discussions going on the site's forums, which we have great
flexibility to expand and make more fine-grained as they attract use.)
Also, please feel free to pass the site along to any you feel would find
it of interest.

Regarding the continuity of this resource, we do expect this site to be
maintained (some of next years Masters students have expressed an
interest in it) and hope to secure funding to keep it developing and

Best Regards,


Steve Lussier
School of Information Management and Systems
slussier at

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