Red Pigments and Elatostema repens

Stinger Stinger at FIU.EDU
Thu May 11 21:04:14 CDT 2000

Matt & Richard

Reed Beaman who is doing a post doc at the Australian National Herbarium
in Sydney is your best bet given that he just completed a monograph of
Elatostema for his Dissertation.  I believe that he is still getting
mail at rbeaman at

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matt von konrat wrote:

> Dear All,
> I am forwarding this on behalf of Richard Smith who is
> interested in the following.  Any responses can be either
> directed to Richard (r.smith at or myself.
> Thank you for any help anyone may be able to offer.
> Regards
> Matt
> Hi I am trying to track down a picture or photograph
> (preferably colour) of a Malaysian herbaceous plant:
> Elatostema repens.  It is in the Urticaceae family.
> I am studying an allied taxon from New Zealand that has red
> pigment in its leaves, and I am interested in whether E
> repens has any red pigment in its leaves.
> I'd appreciate any help
> ----------------------
> matt von konrat
> m.vonkonrat at

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