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Prof. Dov Por dovpor at NETVISION.NET.IL
Sat May 13 11:52:52 CDT 2000

Dear all,
As a contribution to the ongoing discussion n the electronic media.
 Frequently the web sites containing zoological information have  gross
errors which normally would be weeded-out in a properly edited hard copy
publication. As an example  I bring one of such web sites, that of Illinois
( www.il-st-acad-sci.org/kingdom)  In its zoological pages  there are such
kind of  errors : Olichaeta (Oligochaeta sic!) versus Polychaeta !;
Gnasthostomulida (Gnathostomulida, sic!), Anteriniformes (Atheriniformes,
sic!). Only on  two pages of Crustacea, there are the following misspelled
taxa : Amphipeda, Euphausisea,Nanatia and Astracura.
"Vernacular" names are indicate in parentheses :  Placozoa ( Simplest
animals);Cephalocarida (Primitive crustaceans); Chordata(Higher animals);
Platyhelminthes( Flat worms) versus Round worms, Rotatoria ( Wheel
Isn't it a good sample ? Doesn't it ring an alarm bell?
Dov Por
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