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Margaret K. Thayer mthayer at FMNH.ORG
Sat May 13 10:52:42 CDT 2000

At 11:52 AM 13-05-2000 +0200, Prof.Francis Dov Por wrote:

> Frequently the web sites containing zoological information have  gross
>errors which normally would be weeded-out in a properly edited hard copy
>publication. As an example  I bring one of such web sites, that of Illinois
>( www.il-st-acad-sci.org/kingdom)  In its zoological pages  there are such
>kind of  errors as ...

Yes, it is certainly unfortunate to see such errors creep in, especially on
sites that users might reasonably expect to be authoritative (in this case,
a state academy of science, but I have sometimes seen similar things on
university pages).

I hope you sent your corrections to the site's webmaster or whatever
contact address is there as well as to your colleagues on TAXACOM - did
you?  Although I agree with (what I believe to be) your point that people
who put up such information should check it or have it checked, it doesn't
do any good to complain about such errors to others and not to the source.
In my experience, most sites that are even somewhat academically oriented
(and probably many others as well) are quite interested in correcting
errors when made aware of them.  Web users, of course, need to be aware
that unless web content is stated to be peer-reviewed and/or produced by
suitable "experts", it probably isn't. Caveat emptor.

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