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Prof. Dov Por dovpor at NETVISION.NET.IL
Sun May 14 16:56:00 CDT 2000

Here are some more mistrakes on the  existing  taxonomic  web sites:
"The Animal Kingdom"  (  Main title on the opening page :PHYLOGONY ( Evolutionary Relationships). A dangerous misprint : it can sound like Theogony or Cosmogony  or  in an easy metamorphosis  might turn into "Philogony" a good name for anti-abortionism!
On Graham Davison's "Metazoan Diversity Home Page" , the mollusks have  OSTHARADIA instead of Osphradia.. There are also  Lochotrophozoans  and Ecydysozoans there......
Unfortunately, the list is very long.  Sloppy writing casts doubt also on the content itself ! Builders and owners of the pages should ask the help of a  colleague in reading the proofs before going public.

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