Web mistakes (Superphylum Lophotrochozoa)

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     Sloppiness yes, but "dangerous" misprints----I wouldn't go that far.
     What is more dangerous and much more disturbing is everyone now jumping
on the "Lophotrochozoa" bandwagon.  Ecdyzoa is clearly shaping up to be an
very important new taxon (and concept) in invertebrate systematics.
However, the Lophotrochozoa is destined to be a very harmful concept, based
on simplistic symplesiomorphies (mainly molecular) and sloppy thinking.
Misprints are easy to correct, but misconceptions and misinformation are
very difficult to root out once they have taken hold.
     Definitely do teach your students about Ecdyzoa (probably a useful
holophyletic clade).  However, dumping lophophorates and eutrochozoans into
a supposedly holophyletic "Lophotrochozoa" is definitely not a good idea,
however popular it may be at the present time.
   ------Ken Kinman
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>Subject: more web mistrakes
>Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 16:56:00 +0200
>Here are some more mistrakes on the  existing  taxonomic  web sites:
>+ACI-The Animal Kingdom+ACI-
>(www.kheper.auz.com/gaia/biosphere/animal+AF8-kingdom.htm).  Main title on
>the opening page :PHYLOGONY ( Evolutionary Relationships). A dangerous
>misprint : it can sound like Theogony or Cosmogony  or  in an easy
>metamorphosis  might turn into +ACI-Philogony+ACI- a good name for
>On Graham Davison's +ACI-Metazoan Diversity Home Page+ACI- , the mollusks
>have  OSTHARADIA instead of Osphradia.. There are also  Lochotrophozoans
>and Ecydysozoans there......
>Unfortunately, the list is very long.  Sloppy writing casts doubt also on
>the content itself +ACE- Builders and owners of the pages should ask the
>help of a  colleague in reading the proofs before going public.
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