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>Also, I vaguely remember that, in Germany, I learnt that there are two
>different thorn-like defense structures, namely "Dornen" and "Stacheln". I
>wonder whether this distinction meets any equivalent in English and what
>was it about and if it has anything to do with the preceeding.

Not sure about equivalencies, but basically there are three sorts of "sharp
things" in plants, based on tissues/organs involved:

"prickle" -- an outgrowth of the epidermis, basically a trichome, as in
Rosa spp.

"spine" -- modified leaf or leaf parts, as in Ilex aquifolium (leaf
margin), Robinia pseudoacacia (stipules), or Cactaceae (whole leaf).

"thorn" -- modified branch, as in Gleditsia triacanthos

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