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Dear taxacomers,

here in Mexico vegetation tends to become thornier (and more allergenic
and various other disagreeable things) when the climate becomes drier;
that is, you find thorny forests at the ecotone with shrubby vegetation
types, and thorny shrubs at the ecotone with grasslands. The popular
explanation is that if you can't grow fast for lack of resources,
you have to protect what you do grow.

Also, there are some grasses that use thorn-type structures for
defense (Cenchrus for example, a curse of fieldwork). I have heard
somewhere that awns are also considered a defense mechanism.

By the way: in German "Stachel" corresponds to prickle in English, and
thorn and and spine to "Dorn", which can be differentiated in
"Blattdorn" if it derives from a leaf, "Sprossdorn" (modified branch)
or "Nebenblattdorn" (modified stipules).



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