Reminder about Jepson Herbarium Symposium

Richard Moe rlmoe at UCLINK4.BERKELEY.EDU
Thu May 18 14:20:19 CDT 2000

> Jepson Herbarium 50th Anniversary Celebration and Scientific Symposium:
> Discovery, Communication, and Conservation of Plant Biodiversity in
> California
> June 16-18, 2000
> In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Jepson Herbarium we are sponsoring
> a symposium: Discovery, Communication, and Conservation of Plant
> Biodiversity in California.  We have invited a broad spectrum of experts to
> discuss the needs and means to refine and expand our knowledge of plant
> diversity, and to communicate information about the California flora among
> biological consultants, government agency planners, conservation
> biologists, academic researchers, private land owners, and the general
> public.  Topics will include the roles of field exploration and systematics
> for discovery of new biodiversity, the synthesis and distribution of
> floristic information, and identification of current challenges in
> conservation of the California flora.  Nationwide integration of biologists,
> their ideas and research is of immediate importance in our current
> environment of changing landscapes and increasing urban development
> and resource use.
> Please join us for this gala weekend celebration June 16 - 18 , 2000. The
> weekend program will include an open house at the herbarium, scientific
> symposium, 50th Anniversary banquet and botanical field trips.
> Presentors Include:
> Bruce G. Baldwin, UC Berkeley; Theodore M. Barkley, Botanical Research
> Institute of Texas; Richard Beidleman, UC Berkeley; Ken Berg, United States
> Fish & Wildlife Service; Roy Buck, EcoSystems West Consulting Group; David
> Charlet, Community College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas; Ann Dennis,
> CalFlora Project; Steve Edwards, Tilden Regional Park; Barbara Ertter, UC
> Berkeley;
> Phyllis M. Faber, UC Press; Ronald L. Hartman, University of Wyoming;
> Christopher
> Meacham, UC Berkeley; Jodi McGraw, UC Berkeley; Brent D. Mishler, UC
> Berkeley; Richard L. Moe, UC Berkeley; Sandra Morey, California Department
> of Fish and Game; Pamela C. Muick, Solano Farmlands & Open Space Foundation;
> Robert Ornduff, UC Berkeley; Bruce Pavlik, Mills College; J. Mark Porter,
> Rancho
> Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Emily Brin Roberson, California Native Plant
> Society;
> James R. Shevock, National Park Service, Pacific West Region; Scott Sundberg,
> Oregon State University; John W. Taylor, UC Berkeley
> For more information contact Betsy Ringrose or Staci Markos at the Jepson
> Herbarium (510) 643-7008, email ringrose at or
> smarkos at

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