Interesting research on long term archiving of data/records

Julian Humphries jmhbs at UNO.EDU
Fri May 19 13:31:28 CDT 2000

I stumbled across a paper being given at the upcoming Digital Library
conference in San Antonio (
that deals extensively with the issue of long term archiving of, in this
case, government records (entitled: Preserving digital information
forever).  Almost all of the issues discussed in our recent round of
messages are covered in their report which can be found at the VERS project
web site at:  The researchers lay out
a clear plan for the capture, documentation and storage of information.
Perhaps the most important recommendation I see in a cursory reading is
that it is important to capture the data originally in electronic form (as
opposed to the subsequent capture of paper records) and in a manner which
allows easy movement into the archival record format (i.e. archival capture
and storage should be built into applications).

Knock yourself out.

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