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The Academy of Natural Sciences, an international museum of
natural history since 1812, undertakes research and public
education that focuses on the world's diverse species and their
environment.  Our mission is to expand knowledge of nature
through discovery, and to inspire stewardship of the environment.

The Academy believes that the pursuit of this mission can be
enhanced by the creation of a new operating entity that will
build on the tradition of environmental and taxonomic research in
service to society that was founded by Ruth Patrick over a half
century ago.

The Academy's new Environmental and Systematics Applications
(E&SA) unit will capitalize on the expertise of the Academy's
existing scientists. It will provide contractual services to
industry and government that will identify and solve problems
relevant to the maintenance and regeneration of healthy
ecosystems and to the species that occupy them, with particular
emphasis on the effective interface of human activity with the
natural ecosystem.  The E&SA will utilize the talents and
research products of the lead scientists (in both environmental
and systematics research areas) of the Academy for intellectual
guidance, problem identification and investigation, and project
development.  It will comprise a support staff of scientists and
technicians who will undertake projects that meet the mission of
the Academy, solve real-world problems, and generate revenue in
support of the Academy's program of basic research.

The first Director of E&SA will be responsible for the start-up
of its operations and the transition and expansion of its client
base, thereby enhancing and growing a viable business unit within
the Academy. This position reports to the Senior Vice
President for Science.


The position requires an entrepreneurial individual with
technical, marketing and management skills, and an ability to
interact positively with scientists, business people, and
representatives of governmental agencies.  An advanced degree in
a relevant field of science, as well as seven to ten years of
experience with significant leadership responsibility in one or
more of these sectors, are preferred.  The Academy seeks an
individual with experience in the operations of an applications
group similar to this unit.  The successful candidate will be an
individual with a unique combination of education, experience and
entrepreneurial history, who is committed to the mission of the


The successful candidate will be an executive manager within the
Academy, with authority and accountability for planning and
developing E&SA business that will gross at least $2.5M per year
(current business).  Tasks will include management of budgets,
personnel, and facilities as well as marketing the scientific
expertise of the Academy.  The Director of E&SA will:

Within 18 to 24 months, develop and implement a plan to transfer
appropriate current contractual service work from the scientific
units to the Environmental and Systematics Applications unit, in
collaboration with the scientists who have been overseeing that

Develop and implement business plans, including annual operating
plans and budgets to maximize gross and net revenues, and
assemble and manage the personnel and facilities required to
provide contract services.

Develop marketing plans, in collaboration with the directors of
the Patrick and Estuarine centers and the Biodiversity Research
Group, that are consistent with the mission of the Academy and
will capitalize on and leverage the scientific research
excellence of Academy scientists in all areas.

Market contractual services to corporations, state and federal
agencies, and other entities that need the unique expertise of
the Academy.

Manage the delivery of services for which the Academy has
contracted in a businesslike manner, while maintaining
unimpeachably impartial scientific rigor at all times.

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