Taxonomy Today: 3-5 July 2000 Reading, UK (Further Details)

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Taxonomy Today

International Conference Sponsored by the
UK Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

3 - 5 July 2000 at The University of Reading, UK

Final Circular: register and offer posters by 1 June 2000

Three Symposium Sessions and a Policy Forum

Guest lectures

The Return of Morphological Systematics
Elizabeth Kellogg, University of Missouri - St. Louis
The Global Taxonomy Initiative of the CBD
Peter Bridgewater, UNESCO, Paris

Symposium 1)  Key Innovations: Past & Present  (3rd - 4th July)

Keynote lecture: Paul Goldstein, The Field Museum, Chicago.
Papers by: Ken Johnson; Robert Belshaw; Vogler & Ribera; Donald Quicke; and
James Cook.

Symposium 2)  Rate and Time in Phylogenetics  (4th July)

Keynote lecture: Mark Pagel, The University of Reading.
Papers by: Michael Benton; Barraclough & Savolainen; Culham, Bakker &Gibby; and
Cecilia Saccone.

Symposium 3)  The Catalogue of Life: Discovery, Classification and Information
(4th - 5th July)

Keynote lecture: Geof Boxshall, The Natural History Museum, London.
Papers by: Gordon Curry; Bland Finlay; Erko Stackebrandt; and Frank Bisby.

Policy Forum:  Taxonomy for Tomorrow  (Evening 3rd July)

Proposals for national research priorities, open debate, comments from the
research councils. (Chair: Bill Chaloner; for NERC:  John Lawton.)


Final Circular:

Register and offer posters by 1 June 2000

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