Student Bloopers #4

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Mon May 22 20:19:00 CDT 2000

    Well, I think some of them are funny.  Others can be a little disturbing
if you think about it, especially when comparing the average high school
graduate in the U.S. with those in many other countries.
     If such reminders make anyone uncomfortable, they are clearly marked in
the subject line and can be readily deleted.  A little humor once a week
shouldn't be a burden to anyone, so I see no great problem with it, and if
it brightens someone's mood a little, it's served a purpose. And knowing how
students might misperceive something might even sometimes help teachers
counter such misperceptions in some cases.
                            Cheers, Ken Kinman
>  Subject: Re: Student Bloopers #4
> >>Taxacommers,
>         Anyone else find these student bloopers more disturbing than
>         James<<
>Yes, I do, too. Reading one or two is OK, but the kids are just learning
>and all
>these posts become tedious after awhile.
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