Purpose of Bloopers (#5) on Taxacom

Robin Leech robinl at CONNECT.AB.CA
Tue May 23 07:40:16 CDT 2000

Fellow Taxacomers,

In our work, some of us lead hectic times.  My purpose has been achieved if the bloopers bring a smile, a grin, a guffaw.  My purpose was definitely not to polarize us - them that likes 'em, and them as don't.

I was prepared to drop them when I read two messages yesterday that were disapproving.  Today's message are  more encouraging. Here are 3 more.

1.  Every lab needs a control to compare your reactions with.

2.  Vegetable oil contains lipids and under the microscope bile does emulsify fat.

3.  Throughtout the lab there were various conclusions, some more obvious than others.

Robin Leech

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