Student Bloopers #4

Tue May 23 09:47:40 CDT 2000

        In light of what Ken said, I suppose I should follow up by saying
that I don't mind seeing the student bloopers posted here at all,
and agree that they could be helpful in preparing teachers for
certain misconceptions.  Its just that, for me, having graded who
knows how many assignments, papers, labs, etc. by this point in
my career, and knowing how I stress numerous concepts, I get
discouraged reading the innumerable misstatements that I see
every semester.  There is no way to lecture interactively, present
material, or dance on your head that will prevent some students
from remaining in their own altered, misconceived world, and I
haven't seen anything in these posts that I haven't seen at least 10
versions of in my own career.


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