Student Bloopers #4

Walter Boeger wboeger at BIO.UFPR.BR
Mon May 29 16:26:10 CDT 2000

> Not that everyone will agree with me, but most of what I've seen posted
> recently has barely made me crack a smile.
>         James

Perhaps this one may (excuse me my English).

On a Botany Lab classroom at my university (last week), where the students
had to prepare temporary mountings of hand-made sections between glass slide
and coverslip.

Student: "I am sick and tired of trying to make this slide...all of the ones
I made end up with lots of bubbles!"

Professor:  "Try putting the slide at 45ยบ and then dropping it carefully on
the drop of water"

Student:  "GEE, professor, it is already difficult enough to make these
slides and you still want us to warm up the coverslip before putting it on
the section...that's too much for me!"


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