Fwd: New Version of Research Bibliography: Climate Change/Biodiversity

Scott Miller miller.scott at NMNH.SI.EDU
Mon Nov 6 17:38:24 CST 2000

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>Subject: New Version of Research Bibliography: Climate Change/Biodiversity
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>The latest version of the Pacific Institute's online bibliography on
>climate change (defined herein as global warming or ozone depletion)
>impacts on biodiversity is now available, with over 400 citations added
>since the last installment was posted in August. The bibliography can be
>found at: http://www.pacinst.org/wildlife.html
>The bibliography includes citations culled from peer-reviewed and gray
>literature (including journal articles, newspaper articles, reports and
>materials on the Internet), is searchable, and downloadable as a PDF. The
>bibliography will continue to be updated every two months. Suggestions for
>additions or corrections to the bibliography are greatly appreciated. To
>be informed of future updates to the Pacific Institute site, please sign
>up on the site's announcement list.
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