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The National Botanic Garden of Belgium has a full-time vacancy in the
scientific staff.
The candidate
- has a university degree in biology or agricultural sciences,
- is a citizen of the European Community,
- is a specialist in tropical vascular plants,
- is able to express him/herself in Dutch, with good knowledge of
English and French.
Deadline for application: 26 November 2000.
Full job description has been published in the Belgisch staatsblad (in
Dutch) - Moniteur belge (in French) of 27
October 2000.
For more information please contact the director dr J.Rammeloo
(Rammeloo at or the head of
department dr E. Robbrecht (Robbrecht at
Guido Rappé

National Botanic Garden of Belgium
Domein van Bouchout
B-1860 Meise

tel +32 (0)2 269 39 05
or new direct line: +32 (0)2 260.09.66
Fax: 32(0)2 270.15.67

Email: guido.rappe at

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