Expiration of copywrite on printed matter

B. J. Tindall bti at DSMZ.DE
Wed Nov 8 08:00:52 CST 2000

Sometime ago I wanted to use part of a poem from Kipling as part of a
publication and I was advised by the printers that there could be a problem
with copyright. The publishers did not seem to know exactly what the status
was themselves, but indicated that someone might have certain rights to
Kiplings works if they had legal rights to his estate. In the case of the
story Peter Pan Barry's will handed over rights to the Great Ormond Street
Children's Hospital and if I recall the British Government may have passed
a law declaring that the rights to the book were not limited by this 50/70
year law (perhaps John Jackson could correct me on that). However,
copyright etc. may not be that simple.
Brian Tindall

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