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We require experienced plant systematists/biologists for four new positions
in the Department of Botany. Each position requires good communications
skills, a collaborative inclination, and grant-winning abilities:

(1)  Neotropical Floristician/Monographer

A systematist with a passion for collections-based research is required to
join a small team studying flowering plants for the Flora Mesoamericana
project. Applicants should have a postgraduate degree in a biological
subject, be well organised and be able to undertake both team-based and
independent research. Previous floristic, monographic and/or molecular
experience and interests in a critical group of tropical flowering plants
are also desirable, as are field and editorial skills.

This is a tenure-track position with a starting salary of ca. GBP23k

(2)  Macaronesian Floristician/Monographer

We are expanding our small established team conducting floristic and
monographic studies in the Macaronesian islands. Applicants should have
strong botanical skills and interests in broader applications such as
conservation, biogeography and/or evolutionary radiations. You should have
biologically-related BSc and preferably postgraduate degrees, experience of
field work and some knowledge of the systematics of temperate flowering
plants. Editorial, organisational and collaborative skills are highly

This is a tenure-track position with a starting salary of ca. GBP23k

(3)  EvolutionaryDevelopmental Plant Geneticist

Our rapidly growing molecular facilities will be used to investigate the
developmental genetics of specific key transitions in the evolution of the
Plant Kingdom, as part of our new inter-departmental Evolution and
Developmental Genetics Programme. Applicants with strong laboratory skills,
and experience of model organisms, but also broader interests in
evolutionary biology and comparative systematics, will be especially
welcome. You should possess a postgraduate degree, preferably in molecular
genetics or molecular systematics, and a proven track record in molecular

This is a tenure-track position with a starting salary of ca. GBP23k

(4)  Molecular Plant Systematist

This three-year technical and research position will underpin both our new
evolutionary-developmental genetics programme and several molecular
phylogenetics projects that span a taxonomic range from diatoms to orchids.
You should possess a BSc in biology, molecular biology or genetics, ideally
with a postgraduate degree encompassing molecular systematics. Strong
laboratory, data-analysis and writing skills, molecular phylogenetic
publications, and a willingness to instruct other researchers in a
collaborative environment are also desirable.

This is a three-year position with a starting salary of ca. GBP18k.

All positions include a non-contributory pension scheme and will be
available from January 3rd 2000.

Application is by CV and covering letter containing the names and addresses
of three referees (please specify the position of interest).

Closing date for applications for all positions: 8 December 2000

Informal enquiries to Prof. Richard Bateman (Head of Botany) on +44 (0)207
942 5282

For further information, please send an A5 Stamped Addressed Envelope to:
Jenny Young, Department of Human Resources, The Natural History Museum,
Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD.
Fax: +44 (0)207 942 5298  E-mail: jeny at

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