Mosquito systematics post available (sorry, for US citizens and residents only)

Scott Miller miller.scott at NMNH.SI.EDU
Fri Nov 10 17:55:13 CST 2000

>Insect Systematist
>The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Dept. of Entomology, has an
>opening for a Ph.D. insect systematist for work on mosquitoes of medical
>importance.  Duties will include basic and applied research using
>morphological and molecular tools, consulting to Army and other DOD
>activities, field studies and curation of the National Mosquito
>Collection.  Work site is the Smithsonian Institution, Museum Support
>Center, near Washington, DC.  Salary range $51,204 - $66,564.  To apply go
>to, Series 0414, position BBU100115 (closes 2
>Jan. 2001, U.S. citizens only).  Applicants please also contact Dr.
>Richard Wilkerson, wilkersonr at, (301) 238-3162.

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