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C.Kristof (address or email unknown) in 1997 American Entomologist,
p.246-251  wrote in :Accuracy of reference citation in five entomology

The bibliographical reference citation in 5 core entomology journals were
examined for accuracy to determine if error rates were similar to those of
other fields. The journals
Archives of insects Biochemistry, Ecological Entomology, Insect Biochemistry
and Molecular Biology, Journal of Insects Physiology and Pesticide
Biochemistry and Physiology was selected.
An average 30.1% of citation in journals contained 1 or more errors.
Most errors are in journal article titles, followed by errors in author's
name and in paginations.
Of the 49 articles examined, only 3 papers was error free...

I would like to get copy of this paper or address of the author..

What is yours experience about error of citation....

and I have feeling that could be nice if somebody make research on
coleoptera taxonomical papers about the same subject..

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