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Zden�k Sk�la skala at INCOMA.CZ
Wed Nov 15 09:31:40 CST 2000

From: Mark Newton <urodacus at LORDS.COM>
> Hypothetically if we have 3 different species, ie these species are
> related, but are geographically separated and hence each has their own
> isolated gene pool.  I'll call them species A,B&C. If we bring together
> three species for reproductive purposes and find that A&B, B&C each
> viable offspring, but A&C do not produce vaible offspring..what situation
> we have taxonomically?

this is a topic in which opinions differ considerably. Searching literature
databases with a keyword "allopatric species problem" or so will probably
yield plenty of hits. One of the opinions stresses the importance of
reproductive isolation and so tends to lump the groups of potentially
interbreedable populations to one species (strict "biological species
concept"). On the other hand, proponents of "phylogenetic species concept"
tend to interpret each recognizable population as separate species (to be
fair: this concept was developed for different purposes than e.g. biological
species concept). Indeed, there exist many differing concepts depending on
the methodology of the research (population genetics, cladistic
analysis....), scientific school, national tradition, taxonomic groups
concerned etc. etc.
BTW: how is this problem dealt with in the recognition/cohesion species
skala at incoma.cz

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