Use of higher taxonomic groups = use species?

Don McAllister mcall at SUPERAJE.COM
Thu Nov 16 08:15:54 CST 2000

My own feelings are that species tend to be unique in-so-far as they have fully
passed the effective genetic transmission point (if we believe in evolution
there will be some that have to be arbitarily assigned as they are in

On the other hand genera and other higher taxa can possess characteristics that
are of interest in ecology, e.g. a phytotoxin to deter herbivores or pests may
be possessed by clusters of related species.

Don McAllister

"Gabriel A. Eickhoff" wrote:

> Let me pose you a question,
> Must we treat all species as unique in community ecology, or can we get the
> same understanding by studying higher taxonomic groups?
> My gut instinct has been to say no, species must be treated as unique,
> largely based on Mayr and the species concept.
> Thoughts?
> -Gabe

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